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Talking About Walk in Eye Exam

Have you ever heard of walk in eye exam? That is what we are going to discuss but before that let us see how important an eye exam is? While we are still alive, we need to take care of our body. Unfortunately, many of us forget to take care of something that is a really vital part of our body. It is our eye. Yes, we brush our teeth everyday, take a bath, wash our face everyday, we also shave everyday (for men), but for our eye? It never has a part in our routine health maintenance. As you know, our eye performance is getting down and down as our age is getting up and up. We can take care of our eye by drink or take some vitamin A because it is good for our eye’s health. But only drink a vitamin is not enough. One thing that is more important is to take an eye exam regularly. Now we are going to discuss about a type of an eye exam called walk in eye exam.


The Differences of Walk in Eye Exam and Regular Eye Exam

A walk in eye exam is similar with a regular eye exam. There are not so many differences. Both in walk in eye exam and regular eye exam are included doctors that have qualification in eye exam. Both of them also have the same eye check procedures. Regular eye exam and walk in eye exam also can do an eye exam depend on what you need. There are only slight differences. The differences are that in walk in eye exam, you can just walk in if you want to have an eye exam without need to make an appointment with the clinic or the doctors. Then you cannot find it in every place. There are only some places that accept walk in eye exam. Places like small clinics usually have it, rather than big hospitals. Also usually big cities will tend to have it. For example Las Vegas, in eye exam las vegas you probably can find walk in eye exam. You also cannot find the exam everyday. Many places that provide it usually have a schedule, for example every second Monday in a month, from 3 PM to 5PM. If you cannot meet the schedule, than you cannot have it. But luckily, the schedules usually fixed, so if you miss this month’s schedule, make sure you write a note about that for your next month’s schedule.


The Advantages and Disadvantages of Walk in Eye Exam

There are some advantages by taking a walk in eye exam. First, of course you will save your time. You do not have to make an appointment, and you can just walk in when you have a free time (but consider also the schedule of the exam). Some places promise that there will be no differences at their service, no matter if you have a regular or walk in. It sounds good, since many doctors do not want to check a patient without appointment, but it won’t happen in walk in eye exam. Second, it is cheaper sometimes. Some people said that walk in eye exam is cheaper than a regular eye exam, though I am not really sure about that. There is a disadvantage about walk in eye exam. Because you do not have to make an appointment, so it uses first come-first serve system. It means if you come later than others, you have to wait. But again, no matter whether you prefer the regular eye exam or the walk in eye exam, make sure to take one each year.

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