DMV Eye Exam Chart

DMV Eye Exam Chart

DMV Chart

What Is?

To keep our eyes healthy we need to take a routine eye test. So what the eye test is? The eye test or eye examination is a method to know the condition of our eyes. This test usually performed by optometrists, ophthalmologist, or eye doctor by using several methods. The very common method is by using the DMV eye exam chart.

The recommended frequency to get the eye test is once a year. By get the eye test once a year, you can monitor the vision health. The eye health professional will make a recommendation that very valuable for you. The eye test is the part of overall health examination because by knowing the problem in our eyes, the health professional will be able to detect some disease like Diabetes Mellitus or high blood pressure. Some vision problems are considered as the early signs of other diseases.

The routine eye examination also will help you to detect the early threat of several vision diseases like glaucoma, cataract, blinding eyes, ocular manifestations of systemic disease, and many more.


Snellen DMV

The very basic method to know the condition of your vision during the eye examination is by using a chart. This chart is known as the Snellen chart. This chart was made by an ophthalmologist from Holland named Dr Herman Snellen. He invented this chart at 1862. The Snellen DMV eye exam chart is the very traditional eye exam method that still used until today.

At the Snellen DMV eye exam chart, all you need to do is read the letter out loud while you close one of your eyes. After you read one row, you are asked by the tester to move one step backward. When you are able to read the smallest letters at the below in the longest distance, it means that you have a great vision ability. You can do the eye test by using the Snellen DMV eye exam chart at hour home. Today there are so many health website that provide this printable chart at their website page. You can do this test as often as possible. Monitor the development and you will get the eye health record. If you find that your record is getting worse time by time, then it is possible that your eyes have a problem and you need to see your eye doctor or therapist for the further examination.


How to use Snellen DMV eye exam chart

First, all you need to do is put the Snellen DMV eye exam chart at the wall. To start the test you can close one of your eyes with your hand. You can choose the right eye or the left eye. Take a distance from the poster about 20 feet. Read the top letter. If you succeed to read a row, then you are allowed to read the below row and step 20 feet backward. Repeat this activity until you are not being able to read the letter anymore. You can count your score from the above row from the row where you stop. This row will determine your score.

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