Kaiser Eye Exam

What Is Kaiser Eye Exam?

Before we get to know about Kaiser eye exam, its better to know about what is Kaiser Permanente. Kaiser Permanente is an integrated health care company. It is located in Oakland, California, U. S. A. The founding fathers of the Kaiser Permanente is Henry J. Kaiser and Sidney Garfield. Kaiser Permanente is in short some kind of health insurance company. There are three health care programs that are being promoted by Kaiser Permanente such as health plan organizations, hospitals and permanent medical groups of Kaiser Permanente. So far based on data Kaiser Permanente has more than 8 million health care members. So based on that introduction, it has to come to the understanding that Kaiser eye exam is one of the various division that Kaiser Permanente has.


What You Need to Know About Kaiser Eye Exam

Many optics, eye clinics and hospitals in U. S. A offers Kaiser eye exam for the patient which is member of Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance. For example there is Redwood City Medical Center which offers for Kaiser Permanente members over age 65 the glaucoma eye exam. In these particular matters patients don’t need referral. They are just need to make an appointment with optometrist. Another eye clinic from Kaiser Permanente is Vision Essentials. In the Vision essentials, after you get your eye exam the doctor would write lens prescription for you if your condition is proven that you need prescription. You can use this prescription to get lenses and glasses from the Vision Essentials. They have adult eyewear package for only $ 69. This package is already includes selected groups of quality frames, single vision plastic lenses, scratch resistant protection, eyeglass case and the last is eyeglass adjustments. To take the glasses, it needs like more or les five business days. Kaiser Permanente gives special offers anytime and you could check their website in Vision Essentials in the regional events category to see it.

Kaiser Permanente offers dilated eye exam too. This kind of exam aimed to see whether your pupil dilate properly or not. The process is the doctor would give few drops for in your eye and this will make some kind of numbness in your eye. Even you could feel the taste of the medicine in your mouth, after that the doctor would shine bright light before your eyes and see whether your pupil responsively dilate towards that or not. The side effect from this test is your sight would be blurry for a while and you are being highly recommended to use sunglasses afterwards due to the increase of eyesight sensitivity. This test mostly parts of regular eye exam and you can have it when you check your eye health in there. Kaiser Permanente offers various kind of eye exam and not just that various kind of medical services. If you are the member of Kaiser Permanente then it would be beneficial because you would save more money in clinic rather than non member of Kaiser Permanente. Kaiser Permanente always gives the best to its member. To prove that assertion, Kaiser eye exam always done by professionals due to the high credibility that they have reached until this time.

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