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Steps to Read Eye Exam Result Easily

One thing which makes you a little bit nervous is waiting for the eye exam result. By seeing the result, you will know whether you have a vision problem or not. If you are suffered from vision problem it means you have to continue it with the right treatment. If it is not, it is considered as good news and you have to keep your eye health. The problem is that not all people can read the eye exam result. What you will see on the result is only numbers. Before explaining about , you need to know about the elements in the eye exam result. Commonly, you will see spectacle prescription as the title of the eye exam result. Then, you will see three columns which are mentioning the type of the test, the condition of the left eye, and the condition of the right eye.


Learning to Read Eye Exam Result

After knowing about the elements of the eye exam result, it is time to learn how to read eye exam results so you can make sure that what the optometrist said to you is right. The first thing to do is take a look at the type of the test. For example, you are taking sphere in which it shows the short sighted or long sighted. The second thing is that you have to see the numbers stated on the left and right column. The number shows the level of eye problem. To indicate long sightedness you will see a (+) sign in front of the number and (-) sign for short sightedness. The third thing is seeing the list of the test again. In this case, you can see cylinder as the next result of the test. If you see cylinder in your result of the test it means there is a possibility that you are suffered from astigmatism. On the right and the left column you will see the level of the astigmatism. It is different compared to the first (-) sign in which in the second result the (-) sign means the total of the astigmatism. The fourth thing you need to do is reading the next result. Probably, you will see axis in and it gives you the information about the level of astigmatism in the form of degree. Furthermore, you can also see the add element in which it is considered as the additional test. For example, you will have close distance eye test and the number presented there is to show the extra power which you need to read in close distance.


What to Expect from Your Eye Exam Result

From the explanation above, now you know how to read eye exam results and it is not as complicated as you can imagine. At least, you can make sure about your eye problem and of course you can get the best eye treatment to solve the problem. Don’t be afraid with the number presented there and what you have to do is consulting it to the expert for the right treatment. Hopefully, this information helps you to read your eye exam result.



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