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One important organ in human body is our eyes. But sometimes we ignore the importance of the eyes by doing several activities that cause damage to the eyes. You can imagine how hard life without eyes by closing your eyes for an hour and walking on the street. It is very hard isn’t it? So you will recognize how important human eyes for our daily life. So how can we find out the health level of our eyes? There is a method that will help you to find out your sight ability. Eye exam chart printable is a method that widely used in medical field to test your vision ability.

What eye exam chart printable is?

One eye exam chart printable that very common is the Snellen eye chart. This eye chart was developed by the eye doctor from Holland named Hermann Snellen. In 1860, Dr Snellen wanted to find out the human vision level, so he created an eye exam chart printable that will help us to find out the human vision ability. Dr Snellen created a poster with printed 11 capital letters with different size. The top letter is E letter. This E letter is the biggest letter on the poster. The letter will appear smaller to the bottom. On the eye exam chart printable test, the eye doctor will ask you to read the letter from the top to bellow. The purpose of the test is to find out the smallest letters that you can read. If you tell the eye doctor that you cannot read the letter, the test is over. The best test result is when you are being able to read the smallest letters on the bottom. The difficult part of this test is when the eye doctor will ask you to step back every time you finish a row of letter. You will read the smallest letter at the longest feet. When you only see the big E but you cannot see the other letters below than you are having a 20/200 vision level, this level is the lowest vision level on the Snellen eye test.


The importance of eye exam chart printable

The modern lifestyle contribute in the eyes damage, our habit in watching TV, working in the front of computer, air pollution, and lack of nutrition are the main cause of the eyes damage. Eye exam chart printable is a method that will help you to find out our eyes health. This Eye exam chart printable is widely available on the internet today. You can downloaded it by yourself and print it. Do it every week to monitor your vision health progress. If you find out that your vision getting weaker every time you perform this test, maybe it is the time for you to see your eye doctor to get a further examination. You can prevent weakened vision by using a monitor filter when working using computer, maintain the distance when you watching TV, and eat foodstuffs that contain vitamin A, a valuable nutrition for your eyes.

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