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What You Should Know about Eye Exam

Eye exam is when you have your eye examined to know your eye condition. Various exam types for eyes are available but you must know that you need comprehensive exam for best result. Comprehensive exam for your eyes is more than just to know the prescription for eyeglasses. It is not only vision screening to get driver’s license.

Comprehensive exam is when doctor asses the work of your eyes, evaluate your eyes, check possibility for eyes disease, and evaluate your eyes for a sign of other disease in your body. Routine eye exam is very important for everybody from the very early age to the old adult. It is very important for both male and female.


Why You Should Have Eye Exam

Many people think that you should get eye exam when you have vision problem or feel something wrong in your eyes. That is wrong because you must have your eyes examined regularly despite your eyes condition. It is to make sure that your eyes are in good condition for real.

Various eyes diseases are threatening your vision. Many eyes disease do not show symptoms until the late stage. Many people are diagnose for eye disease in late stage when it already chronic condition because they ignore the importance of regular eye exam.


You must know that early diagnose will increase the probability of healing. It is easier to cure eye disease in early stage than when it already chronic. Therefore, you need to have regular eye exam even you have no problem in your vision. Prevention is better.

The other reason why you need your eye examined is that eye problem may be a sign of another disease on your body. For example, doctor could use eye examination to detect high blood pressure problem or diabetes. As I said before, early diagnose will prevent the disease to get worst, therefore regular eye exam will help you to get overall health.


I need to remind you that vision screening is not comprehensive eye examination. Vision screening will help you to inform risk for vision problem. If you have the risk, you must have comprehensive examination to your eye.

Vision screening is not enough to know the real condition of your eyes. You must know that vision screening may only performed by school nurse or health care staff. If you need eye exam it must performed by eye doctor.


Which Doctor for Eye Exam

In medical world you there are optometrist and ophthalmologist. Both are eye doctor. Both could examine your eye for vision problem as well as health problem. It means that both doctors could perform eye exam.

Nevertheless, they are different. They have different level of education, different ability, different skill, and different cost, of course. When you want to have proper examination for your eyes and you can get enough information, you must find the right doctor.


Optometrist is eye doctor with Doctor of Optometry degree or people also called it OD. Optometrist could examine problem of vision and health. Optometrist could also correct error of refraction with giving prescription for eyeglasses. Beside eye exam, optometrist could also give eye care and therapy for low vision.

Ophthalmologist is eye and vision care specialist medical doctor (MD) or it could also osteopathic doctor (DO) in that specialization. Ophthalmologist is highly trained for eye exam. They could diagnose disease and treat it. Ophthalmologist could prescribe eyeglasses and medication. They also perform eye surgery.

The best doctor for eye exam is ophthalmologist, of course. They are more educated, more skill, and more ability than optometrist. They could give you comprehensive examination to your eyes. They also give you the best advice and solution in case you have problem for your eye. They can handle complicated eye problem and treatment.

However, you must spend more money to have eye exam with ophthalmologist. Of course, you must pay more for quality. Not every person could afford expensive eye examination with ophthalmologist.

We are all living with budget today. Therefore, examination with optometrist is enough for your regular need if you are risk free. If you have eye problem or at risk you need to find ophthalmologist. When you go to optometrist and he found out that you have eye problem he could not handle, he will refer you to a specialist.


You may think about optician to have cheaper eye exam. You must know that optician is not eye doctor. He even could not prescribe eyeglasses. He may only help you for vision screening. What he does is fitting eyeglasses or contact lenses, using prescription from optometrist or ophthalmologist.



When You Need Eye Exam

So far, we only talk about regular eye exam, but you will need to know when you need it exactly. It is preferable to have it on early age and continue until adult age. The range of period is depending on eye condition and age.

For free-risk people or anyone who don’t have eye problem, the first examination is at six months old. Then, children are better to have eye examination at three years old. The next exam is before first grade. After that, regular exam every two years is recommended. After age of 60, annual exam is recommended.

People with risk will need more frequent eye exam. The risk factors are including family history with eye problem, some disease related to eye problem such as diabetes, in medication especially drug with side effect to the eye, history of eye injury or eye problem, and living or working in the place with hazard to eye.


If your family has history with eye problem, you had better have your baby examine at six months old. Then, take another exam at three years old. After six years old, it is better to have annual exam until age of 18.

After 18 years old, the examination interval is every two years. After 60 years old, the interval is very year. However, you need to consult with your doctor if you are at risk. Your doctor may recommend you to have different interval. You must follow doctor recommendation for regular eye exam.

That’s it in this article about Eye Exam.


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